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Dr. Roger Hodkinson speaks out  about the plandemic. FULL INTERVIEW: Dr. Peter McCullough  discusses the dangers of the novel COVID vaccine  and it's roll out.
Plandemic Pt.1 Plandemic Pt.2
What was said to be found in Covid  “vaccines” Will shock you!!!
Dr. Mike Yeadon former VP of Pfizer You must here his warning. Masks and Covid shot issues
3.Stew Peters-Dr Judy Mikovits-Talks Shedding jab Recovery and defeating the Virus January 6 the right perspective
Part 3: Are the scientific journals  censoring the science? My candid  conversation with Dr Robert Malone.
Critically Thinking with  Dr. T and Dr. P Episode 78
STEVE KIRSCH Gives Politifact Agend An Education This page contains some of the best videos we have found on Covid.  It is what major media has determined YOU should not see. Back to Covid link page Died Suddenly:  the Documentary